As an artist I relate to this idea of pursuing a goal that is only based on potential, no concrete evidence exist that my work will function, and along the way many mistakes and failures are encountered; however, I must push through all of these because I have a belief.

Through my work I continue the exploration of trying to capture and freeze a specific moment, the marks of time, conveying the transitory nature of memory, reflecting on the process of recollection and alluding to the transitory nature of human existence.

Beginning with the idea of erasure as language, I explore subjects of violence, memory, perception and the multiple concentrating on the use of processes that are reductive in nature to create artwork. Any form of erasure, however violently destructive, can be seen as constructive in some way; something comes through the destruction, the negation of an image is not actually nothing.

The negation takes its form from the erasure of a particular image; it is my intention to transform it, from crude and unbearable into a more beguiling or subtle form for presenting disturbing events. Thus, the void becomes a space nurturing memory of what was there before engaging the viewer into a more lasting experience with a difficult subject matter to provide a sense of catharsis.

Representations of the visible will always show residues and traces of the invisible; the images I create connect the spheres of what can be seen and what can be only intuited. My work is derived from a need to find meaning in distressing events that repositions mortality in our field of vision, reminding us that our physical existence is finite.