This body of work explores tectonic shifts, lava flow, creation, and life through visual language grounded in local Hawaiian beliefs.

Madame Pele (pronounced Peh-Leh) is the goddess of volcanoes and fire, creator of the Hawaiian Islands. She is the force behind Hawaii’s volcanic eruptions, each one creating the possibility for new land – something where nothing existed before. Traditionally, Hawaiians also deem eruptions as symbols of a natural purge – a cleansing rather than an act of violent destruction.

Experiencing the Hawaiian landscape and listening to local myths helped me develop this new body of work based on the idea of creation through destruction, a concept I continuously use in my artwork. During my time in Hawaii in 2018, the Kilauea volcano was actively erupting, destroying entire homes and neighborhoods. The locals, rather than seeing the damage as nature or god’s wanton act , observed the events as an awe-inspiring process of destruction and creation in all its stunning beauty, for Madame Pele was creating new land.

This body of work was created at Double Dog Dare Studio, an artist residency and monotype studio located on the Island of Kauai