Geschichte wird Kunst / Imprinting History catalogs artwork created during a residency at the Historisch-Technische Museum Peenemünde, located on the grounds of the WWII era power plant in Germany, where Aragón explored the history of the Nazi-era slave labor missile research center and the development of the “Vergeltungswaffen” (V-weapons). This project was done in collaboration with the Till Richter Museum – Schloss Buggenhagen.

Installation views

Selected images


Accompanying catalog, with limited edition woodcut print, for the exhibition “Imprinting History” with texts by Philipp Aumann and Till Richter and artwork by Gregorio Iglesias Mayo (Spain) and Miguel A. Aragón (Mexico / USA).

catalog and limited edition woodcut print

Peenemünde Project: Geschichte Wird Kunst – Imprinting History. Softcover, German / English.
Edition Braus Berlin, 112 pages, about 80 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-86228-165-7

Kohlekraftwerk. Two-color woodcut, 9.5 x 8 in.

To purchase a copy of the catalog, which includes the limited edition woodcut, contact the artist.

A variation of the installation was first exhibited on the Wunder mit Kalkül exhibition alongside around 130 objects, photos, films and documents, which cataloged the effort required to implement the long-range and precision weapons being developed in Peenemünde Germany, from 1936 to 1945.